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    We interviewed our good friend and short film editor, Dana Shaw (@dana_shaw) about his 4 GUIDING QUESTIONS WHEN LOOKING FOR A SOUNDTRACK ...

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    Saturday night was all right at our HQ - We had a ton of fun hosting a benefit event, raising funds for the St. Andrews Portland Nativity...

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    Take it easy this weekend. #marmovision

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    Reel talk. Meet the staff of Marmoset and check out the full film at our journal. (link in our profile) #marmovision #music #reel #film

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    Here's some morning inspiration. The awesome dudes at @capturefilmco created a recap of their travels in New Zealand. Stay safe out there...

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    Acting debut. #marmovision

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    Marmoset Music Supervisor, Kat Olsen crushing on guitar with her band, Rilla (@rillaband) last night at Holocene. 📷 @danielgcole . #marm...

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    Art is everywhere. Digital Team Lead, Shane Geiger and Creative Project Manager,'Bob Werner find symmetry in Dallas during there travels...

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    #marmovision morning sparkly lights

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    Modern mysteries. We curated ten angelic tracks in our new CELESTIAL SOUNDS mixtape. Each composition is filled with imagination, contem...