At Marmoset you're supporting real artists.

We might be a little biased, but we believe our artist community is comprised of some of the most brilliant, kind-hearted and uber-creative musicians out there. They are baristas and carpenters. Photographers and filmmakers. Sisters and brothers. Mothers and fathers. Soul singers and electropop producers. But, most importantly, they are hardworking artists doing what they love, and we support them however we can — whether that's changing the perceived value of music today, advocating for blue collar musicians, or pushing the boundaries of what music licensing can be.

Since 2010 Marmoset has paid artists over $20,000,000.

With every license and every project, your dollar goes back into the artist community. We’re joined together in our purpose to leave the world a bit better, brighter and more interesting than it was before. Meet some of the hardworking creatives we’re fortunate to partner with and know.

Meet some of our artists:

Hip Hop & Rap

Ill Camille


Josephine Taylor




Siena Liggins


Pure Bathing Culture

Electronic, Beats


Pop, Electronic

Frankie Simone

Dance, Pop

Fleece Panther

The Artist Profile Series

Connect with the artists behind the music. Hear their stories and learn about their journeys below.

Artist Profile Series // Lullatone

Nagoya, Japan

Artist Profile Series // Matthew Logan Vasquez

Austin, Texas

Artist Profile Series // José Medeles of 1939 Ensemble

Portland, Oregon

Artist Profile Series // Sol Rising

Los Angeles, California

Artist Profile Series // Y La Bamba

Portland, Oregon

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