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Child Actor (Max Heath & Natalie Plaza) and Televangel (Ian Taggart, formerly of the critically acclaimed Blue Sky Black Death) have teamed up for a collaborative album titled 'Respawn' out now on Fake Four Inc. This album is a mix of dream pop, electronic, and hip-hop production sensibilities beautifully reinforce ethereal and otherworldly vocals by Child Actor across 'Respawn.' Fans of Blue Sky Black Death, Televangel's solo work, Ceschi and Anonymous Inc., Child Actor's solo catalog, and groups such as Radical Face, WHY?, and Deadpan Darling will be struck by 'Respawn.' Child Actor has contributed to production by billy woods, serengeti, Armand Hammer, and Moor Mother, and has appeared in collaborations with Sadistik and Dark Time Sunshine plus many others. Fake Four previously released Child Actor's 'Victory' (2012) and 'Never Die' (2014).

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