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Taking the spirit of Los Angeles across the continents at a critical time when positive voices were needed, Damani Nkosi and Ill Camille are stepping further into the spotlight with their first join, self-titled, release HARRIETT, born from their highly celebrated individual works, "Thoughtful King" in 2014 and "Heirloom" which were both recognized as two of the most influential albums in Hip Hop. The respect for their musical synergy was revisited during their 2018 performance on NPR's Tiny Desk which helped bring the HARRIETT album (and group) into existence. At its core, HARRIETT is a project that introspectively draws connections between ancient themes of tribalism, self-development, and triumph over struggle, while upholding salient musical traditions of neo-soul, boom-bap and spoken word. The HARRIETT album is a full-bodied culmination of heart, spirit, and unparralled rhyming which will ring true in the ears of all who listen for years to come.

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