Do you want vocals and words to help tell your story? Or would you prefer to do it with only instruments and a melody?


This is the heart of your film, whether you are telling a Story, describing a Character, or simply defining the vibe of your Project. What feelings, emotions, or characteristics would best define what is at the core of your story?


Energy represents the spirit and vigor of a story. Elements like momentum, tempo, intensity, speed and strength combine to define a story’s energy. What’s the energy of your story or character?


The arc of a story is best described with words like crescendo or build. We think of it in the visual sense of a line graph, representing the rise, fall or steady characteristics. From left to right, what arc does your story or scene follow?


Choose the minimum and maximum length. How long is your story?


What prominent instruments best bring your story, character or project to life?


Genres help us identify music as a particular sound, style, form or tradition. What is the sound of your story or character?


Some stories aren’t carved in stone...yet. Our customizable songs have open sessions, allowing us to make edits, tweaks, extensions, or full blown revisions to the song. Selecting a customizable song will initiate a direct conversation between you and our Production Team to evaluate your needs, objectives, and craft the perfect song for your project. How can we help you tell your story?


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        Drag the sliders to the desired length of your song.

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