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Great work deserves to be set to great songs, and your compilation of memorable moments is no different. It’s more than just background music or a forgettable intro and outro— our roster of incredible songs can help recap all your best work from last year and beyond.

What does a Personal Reel License cover?

Our Personal Reel music license covers one master recording and composition for the creation of a “highlight video”, or an audiovisual work or photo slideshow with the purpose of showcasing a compilation of past work, either for yourself or for your company with less than 100 people employed. 

This license does not apply to companies exceeding 25 employees, standalone branded works, advertisements, or director’s cuts. 

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Pricing for Personal Reel License


What is a Personal Reel license and what can I use it for?
The Personal Reel license covers the license of a song for a highlight reel (also known as a demo or sizzle reel), whether for your own body of work or on behalf of a company with less than 25 employees. 

If my company has more than a hundred employees, what license should I purchase instead?
If the highlight reel is being created on behalf of a company with more than 25 employees, you’ll most likely want to take a look at our Small Business license, or reach out to us at creative@marmosetmusic.com.

Help! None of the licenses offered seem to fit my project needs.
Our click licenses are designed to conveniently cover a wide variety of uses and projects, but If you’re looking through the different licenses we offer and not finding the one that covers your usage, have no fear. Our team of music licensing experts can build you a custom license tailored to your project’s needs. Get started with our a Custom License Request form and we’ll be in touch.

Personal Reel Playlist

Check out some of our favorite songs for highlight videos, featuring genres from electro to hip hop,  a wide spectrum of bpms and even a sweet riff or two. Guaranteed to hype your project to the next level.

Remember, if your iTunes or Spotify playlist just isn't cutting it anymore, our Creative Services team is always ready to jump in and lend a hand on your project. Whether it’s picking out great songs, helping find your highlight reel soundtrack or guiding you towards the right license for your project, don’t hesitate to reach out at creative@marmosetmusic.com.

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