Marmoset crafts original music for motion picture, working closely with filmmakers, brands, creative agencies and storytellers across the globe to provide virtually any solution imaginable. We’re committed to discovering the hottest new talent alive, carefully curating what we refer to internally as our "nest" — a core group of indie artists, bands and composers who epitomize our intuitions, as well as our ideals. We're instinctual. We're brave. We take risks. And we believe when artists create music with their hearts and hands, it resonates with others and within stories crafted with the same care.

Our Process

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A gut-level exploration of the bones of your story. Distilling concrete direction and visceral reactions into a clear, defined goal.


Turning abstract ideas and feelings into musical narration. Finding the rhythms and notes that bring your story to life.


Finding the perfect musical sound palette that will adorn the composition. Every piece is intentional.


Shaping and altering sounds and moments in order to perfect the chemistry between music and story.

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