Hugo Paris


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Artist Snapshot

Hugo Paris draws inspiration from the small village in the South of France where he grew up to weave finely crafted electronic music that excites the senses.
 Ranging from grounding soundscapes, to dance-inducing bangers, Hugo has one mission: sharing emotions. In his hands, drum-machines meld with live percussions, tape loops, modular synthesizers, and modern production techniques to create moody textures and driving beats that uplift others. Hugo’s passion for sound led him to work across the United States with renown groups such as MIT, Caltech and Stanford university on Nobel Prize Winning Project aLIGO . Hugo later conceived and developed a cutting edge musical instrument with Portland OR's 4ms Company. The SWN (pronounced “Swan”) is now distributed worldwide and used by synthesizer legends such as Vangelis. On top of writing and performing, Hugo owns a mixing studio called Tiny Crush Mixing which he leverages, alongside teaching workshops and classes, to clench his thirst for elevating others into their own creative path.