Annual Transparency Report 2021

Dear friends, colleagues, clients, competitors and community,

Amid today’s societal landscape where so many are giving back and standing-up for the greater good, it’s hard to know who’s merely talking the talk and who’s truly walking the walk. 

So in 2020 our team decided to publish an internal audit to help demonstrate the power of transparency. The objective was two-fold: First to take a hard look in the mirror to identify ways for us to improve our own organization. And second, to serve as a signal fire to the community – inviting a broader conversation around values and accountability, exploring how we might collectively lift up and transform our industry toward higher standards and a brighter future. We’ve committed to publishing this report annually, with this 2021 report (published in 2022) serving as our second edition.

It’s no secret the industries and workplaces we intersect with and work within have been unfairly leveraged and controlled by homogenous insiders and gatekeepers for far too long. Finally, the tide is turning. Transparency is the most powerful tool we have to help level the playing field. 

By the time you finish reading our new 2021 report you will know what we believe in, what we’re willing to fight for, and how our values take tangible shape in the work we do and in the community we serve. You’ll also see our shortcomings and areas needing the most work. It’s all there, warts and all. And I welcome any questions, criticisms, conversations or ideas you may have to offer. You can reach me at

Most importantly, please amplify the power of transparency in your own workplace, industry and community. Let this signal fire spark conversations and connection around shared values and ideas of how we might lift up our workplaces, industries and communities toward a better and brighter future. 

With gratitude,

Ryan Wines

Founder & CEO, Marmoset

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