Marmoset’s 2024 Annual Transparency Report Is Here!

Dear friends, colleagues, clients, competitors and community,

In a world where everyone talks about community and giving back, it can be hard to tell the difference between posers and the real thing.

Marmoset is the only Certified B Corp in the game. That means we’re held to the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. It’s legit.

Marmoset is the first music licensing company to invest 10% of profits back to community orgs. Since we began our commitment in 2016, Marmoset has invested half a million dollars into community non-profits working for social justice, education, houselessness, music and arts advocacy, equity and inclusion, civil rights and more. We back up our financial commitment by regularly volunteering in the community. While our staff are paid to volunteer, many also give their personal time, further demonstrating Marmoset’s guiding call to “Be Community.”

Equally important, Marmoset is the only music company brave enough to publish an Annual Transparency Report – providing a clear line of sight through the organization. It’s our method for pulling back the curtain – publicly showing where our shortcomings are and where we’re working to improve. 

Our first Transparency Report was published in 2020. It felt vulnerable, but we hoped that by openly sharing our successes and challenges, we might encourage others to join in our mission to disrupt the status quo. After four annual editions, we’re encouraged to see others joining the charge, like our friends at Epidemic Sound, who recently published their second Sustainability Report. No matter the approach, I’m confident if we can keep stoking the collective flame, transparency will go from being an exception to the norm.

Know this: in Marmoset, you’re choosing a music partner that uses an equity lens in everything we do. And we’re not a commodity marketplace either. There’s no stock music found here. We’re an actual living, breathing community of humans, giving everything we’ve got to make a positive impact in the world. Arm in arm with you, we’re doing it!

As always, I welcome any questions, criticisms, conversations or ideas you may have to offer. Please, reach out to me at

With gratitude,

Ryan Wines

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