WATCH: Duracell’s Beautiful Commercial About Family and Connection

Moving beyond catch phrases.

Our collaboration with ad agency, Anomaly, brings the literal and metaphoric story of reconnection in Duracell‘s new Hearing Aid Battery commercial. Receiving praise from the likes of Adweek and Mashable, witness for yourself the compelling short film that’s elevated the storytelling bar of advertising. Enjoy.

As the Internet has changed the landscape of how we imbibe media, the tone of advertising has shifted dramatically over the years. From the demand of a more discerning audience, commercials have taken on a more editorial format, moving as short films over snippets of soundbites. The role of music has also shifted from jingles to more in-depth soundtracks. Supporting the compelling narration from John Slattery (of Mad Men), our Original Music team worked with composer, Matthew Hollingsworth and music producer Jonathan Wellbelove at Anomaly on this beautifully scored film about family and connection.

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