Introducing Sandwich Sessions: Get to Know our Community

At Marmoset, we recently decided to combine the two things we love most — our creative community and sandwiches. Okay, that might be dramatic, but we really like sandwiches.

The truth is, we would be nothing without our  community — a collective of musicians, artists, songwriters, filmmakers and creatives, all with their own unique stories. They are the lifeblood of our company and the reason we do what we do. While we know all of the artists in our community are amazing at what they do, we realized that we don’t know the answers to the important questions, like: Tupac or Biggie? Whiskey or wine? Pickles or no pickles? So, we made it our mission to get to the bottom of these mysteries… one sandwich at a time.

Kicking off our first-ever Sandwich Session, meet Marmoset electro-pop artist, Portland native and thrift shopper extraordinaire, Susy Sun. Enjoy.

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