Welcome to Half Court Studios: A Sandwich Session with The Sellons

We may be biased, but we tend to think some of the most amazing, creative and hilarious humans in the world exist right within our creative community. Husband and wife duo Ben and Katie Sellon are two of those humans. Ben, a photographer, and Katie, a producer extraordinaire, are an incredible pair that have teamed up to make Portland an even better place to be a creative. The power couple has recently cut the ribbon on their latest project, Half Court Studios, a shared production space meant to bring together Portland’s creative community and give life to projects that might have not been possible to make otherwise.

Tucked in an old warehouse in Portland’s Hollywood District, the space will soon be available for those with big dreams and a small budget — aspiring filmmakers dreaming up their first project, independent musicians who want to make music videos, photographers working on an experimental passion project. Both with backgrounds as agency producers, The Sellons will keep Half Court’s engine running by hosting large-scale productions for commercial companies, allowing some wiggle room for low-budget and pro-bono projects. While it’s not officially open for a couple of weeks, we had the chance to visit Half Court to scope out the space and, more importantly, make some sandwiches. Meet Ben and Katie Sellon.

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