3 Portland Bands to check out at Timber Fest

The lineup for this this year’s Timber! Outdoor Music Fest is turning out to be their best yet. This means that over the course of three days in July (24, 25 and 26) this will be a celebration and outpouring of some of the best music to come out the Pacific NW. 

Amidst this incredible bill of amazing artists, we want to introduce you to 3 Portland bands that will be repping the sweet Oregon vibes this year. With that said, we’re offering a pair of tickets to this amazing festival. Share your favorite live experience from one of these Portland bands in the comment section below. We’ll choose the winners on Thursday, May 29.

1. Horse Feathers

We’ve been fans of this band for a while. They’ve built themselves up as one of the most prominent orchestral-folk outfits out there today. 

Blending together complex string arrangements with dynamic acoustic guitar and percussion, each composition is held in place with literary and weighted lyricism.

This is beautiful and sweeping music that cuts to the core with bare emotions and leaves you in an empowered state of reflection with inspiration to continue moving forward with a filled heart.

2. 1939 Ensemble

This duo produces some of the most exciting music in Portland right now. We love these dudes and are stoked to have them in the Marmoset family. 

There’s a lot of sound coming from just two people. This music is equal parts jazz-noise freak out and boomy rock grooves. These gents lay it down with each instrumental they play, making it hard for the listener to stand still. 

We couldn’t be happier to see this band on the bill, and they are almost guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Check out this recent session they had on OPB.

3. Denver

This group of ramblers wear their influences on their sleeves. Denver plays music for the rebel in all of us. Folk ballads to cry in your beer to.

Combining an onslaught of acoustic instruments with devastating vocal harmonies, you can’t help but to sing along.

To see this band live is to fully take in the experience they present, making each performance unique and different. We’re excited to see what they do at Timber Fest! Dig the video below of their session at Pickathon Music Festival.

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  1. Favorite time seeing Denver was at Landmark Saloon about 2 months ago. I’d seen them before, but something about this show felt so free spirited and like you were just casually hanging out with friends, rather than at a show.

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