4 Innovative Wedding Films That Break The Mold

Every art form requires experimentation — a new way to move the craft along. We present four films that put an interesting spin on telling wedding stories.

Wedding films capture a life-changing moment for a couple and every celebration has a special place and time. Each of the following films use music as a way to tell their unique story. Enjoy.

“Patri y Dani” comes out of Spain by filmmaker, Felipe Garrido Archanco. Guided solely by music and natural sounds, the entire wedding day is beautifully presented by what’s not spoken and sits in the pure emotion of the experience. “Hot and Cold” by Music You Can Swim To pairs well with the dreamy vibes of this piece. A sparse piano melody plays throughout the film, with gentle acoustic guitar and drum machine coming in and out. Everything comes together in an ethereal, calming and joyous atmosphere.

“Kylee and Anthony” by filmmaker, Sharrone Calafiore is a beautiful balance of light and shadow. From start to finish, each shot is finely composed and look like paintings. Music has a large presence in this piece with dialogue coming in and out in short snippets. Drexler‘s cover of “Reach” written by Kye Kye brings an electro feel that blends well with the muted colors. Electric guitar comes in and the song builds into an epic post-rock anthem that matches the celebratory imagery of the reception.

“Tom and Lily” by husband and wife duo, White in Revery is a unique wedding film that brings an electronic feel into the mix. Each frame sets up a nice landscape and world to live in. Everything is cool and collected, feeling like a magazine spread. The electro-pop soundtrack of Kye Kye‘s cover of “Wonderful World” by Lost Lander perfectly pairs with the couple’s passion for electronic music, making this more about the bride and groom more than the wedding itself. The soundtrack is mysterious, yet equally powerful and empowering, making this film stand out and memorable.

“Josy + Bryan” by filmmaker, Ed Ballart goes the folkier, organic route. Weaving together lyrics with dialogue in the wedding, the entire piece feels like a comforting conversation with a close friend. “Grow” by Adam Pasion delicately comes in and out, pushing the ornate imagery while letting it breathe naturally. Feel the love.


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  1. Ok, these are adorable. I love wedding videos because they capture so much more than a photo can. There are so many creative ways to document modern weddings; there is now an app for your guests to upload their photos and videos from the event to make one collaborative video of memories. I’ve also been very intrigued by the idea of capturing a wedding on canvas. Events used to be drawn or painted, and you can still find people to do that today.

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