After A Month On The Road, This Amazing Film Was Created

It’s amazing what a month of travel will do. It’s a time to break out of routine, a time to reflect and a time to create badass art.

French filmmaker, Cyrill Durigon travelled through California for 30 days with his friend and hand-letterer, Hervé Marmillot to discover and be inspired. When sharing his work with us, Durigon explained that “one night in Los Angeles [Marmillot and I] decided to leave our amazing host with a gift, here’s the result: A chalkboard artwork on the wall of our host’s loft.”

Fantasize (Remix)” by Kye Kye enhances the ethereal nature of the film. Everything moves and floats like a daydream. Watch how the film unfolds into a multimedia presentation that will take you to other states.

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