Always the Season for Giving

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While hearts tend to be a little bit warmer/bigger as days get checked off on the advent calendar, it never hurts to step up the game or go the extra mile in terms of giving back — to challenge ourselves in doing more than what’s expected of us. More than being a creative agency, Marmoset is a community of artists who love music as much as partnering with causes and organizations we believe in.

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Whether a holiday season or “off season,” Marmoset donates 10% of its gross revenue to non-profit organizations every month; it’s one of the many ways we stay in tune with our community and extend our support to causes in need. In our effort to really go a bit further this year, we’re partnering up with KairosPDX, an acclaimed Portland-based charter school that provides empowering education methods to the community.

On November 1st, head over to the official Willamette Give!Guide site and explore 150 handpicked non-profits participating this year. While giving itself is a reward that needs no further enticement, Give!Guide does in fact dish out real incentives — those donating can receive steals and deals at popular and local businesses for their good deeds. This kind of reward sticks true to the Give!Guide spirit, creating the perfect storm for harmonious support of local business consumerism.

With “education” being a key category for Give!Guide, KairosPDX will be featured among other noteworthy non-profits and organizations. So where does Marmoset come in?

Marmoset will match all of KairosPDX’s earned donations up to $10,000.

The Marmoset match donation is just beginning and we’re doing whatever it takes to extend support as they lead the way in Portland’s education system. KairosPDX’s mission is as unique as it is essential for our ever-changing communities, yes they’re focusing on access to better education but it’s who they’re including that is most essential to acknowledge.

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Minding the existence of achievement gaps for African American and other children of color, KairosPDX addresses these type of issues head on. Every day, the institution manifests an enriching ecosystem where students can learn and grow in ways traditional public school settings might not offer — objectives like aiding students to think beyond their circumstances enables children to aspire for more, to realize their worth and recognize the importance of their ideas and purpose.

Among its outstanding qualities, KairosPDX still continually faces obstacles like renewing their lease for their North Portland location or even just providing students with a means of simply getting to school; they’re currently obtaining a school bus for families who can no longer afford living in the increasingly gentrified North Portland neighborhood.

It’s no surprise that as the organization grows and expands, so do their needs.

So with our own commitment to match all donations up to 10K, we’re inviting our community to come along with us. Starting November 1st, we’re challenging our readers and community to go that extra mile — while we’re partnering with KairosPDX, we encourage donating to any of organization or cause that inspires you.

Not sure where to start? The Give!Guide homepage provides a breakdown of all the listed non-profits, from environment centered initiatives to creative expression. Have a story about giving back that you’d like to share or have a non-profit in mind you think Marmoset should know about? Get in touch with us, we’d love to hear more.

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