"Champion" shows what it's like to start boxing at 55

There’s never a bad time to try something new, it’ll only take you to interesting places.

Filmmaker, Ian Servin’s debut documentary Champion portrays the boxing career of Mark Colbert, a man who started getting in the ring at 55. This film dispels the idea that aging means growing old. 

Wesley Jensen‘s track “Building Houses” perfectly pairs and elevates the inspiring vibes in this piece. When Ian shared his documentary with us, he stated that “A lot of people don’t understand the importance of the right soundtrack, or even good production audio, but when I show clients the difference between Marmoset’s offerings and lower quality music, more often than not they get it right away.”

As both Ian Servin and Mark Colbert have shown us is that following inspiration is always the best route to go. And the the strength of this debut only means more amazing work coming down the road from this talented filmmaker.

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