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Boy Eats Drum Machine sure makes it look easy. He does things his own way, and does them well. He is quite the one-man band. Jon Ragel, as he is sometimes called, has made music under the name Boy Eats Drum Machine since 2001.
He’s a turntablist’s turntablist, robbing breaks and sound textures from vinyl even after most of his contemporaries switched to laptops. He often mixes together twangy guitars, soulful blasts of tenor saxophone, and bassy, soundtrack worthy, analog synth. He’s an artist-outlaw. We dig it.

His songs are succinct, interesting, and strut into jammy terrain only on such occasions that call for it. Though Boy Eats Drum Machine has his finger on the sample button, his sound remains distinctively organic.

BEDM has received a healthy dose of attention and praise for his recordings, including his 2007 release ‘Two Ghosts’ that  featured many other talented Portland area musicians. Listen here to the tracks we’ve provided. We like him. We think you will too.

4 Parts 6 by Boy Eats Drum Machine

Al Woud’ Ick by Boy Eats Drum Machine

Here’s BEDM’s video for “Hoop + Wire”:

“Hoop + Wire” – Boy Eats Drum Machine from Jason Sievers on Vimeo.

Post by Veronica Medici // Team Marmoset

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