Marmoset’s April Community Investments

As part of Marmoset’s overarching purpose, Be Community, we invest 10% of all profits (from our share, never the artists’) in nonprofits and organizations enacting real, positive change in our community and beyond. Every quarter, we partner up with organizations fighting for social, environmental and educational equity.

We couldn’t do this without you – the clients, filmmakers, directors and editors who choose Marmoset. Your business keeps our lights on and allows us to give back to our community.

Keep reading to find out more about the organizations we partnered with and how much we were able to invest directly into our community with your help last quarter. You can also learn more about our community investments and purpose-driven work in our 2023 Transparency Report.

With your help, Marmoset invested in two community organizations this April: Crag Law Center, an environmental legal nonprofit, and the Northwest Abortion Access Fund. Read on to learn more about these organizations and the work they do in our community.

Crag Law Center provides legal assistance to communities and groups fighting to protect the environment. Their work involves representing clients in court, advocating for policy changes, and conducting research to support environmental causes. Crag’s focus areas include protecting forests, rivers, and wildlife, as well as promoting clean energy and sustainable agriculture.

Marmoset’s investment in Crag will help support their efforts to defend the environment and promote sustainability. The donation will contribute to funding Crag’s legal services, research, and outreach efforts, and also help Crag to continue their work in providing legal assistance to communities that need resources to fight for their rights.

Northwest Abortion Access Fund (NWAF) provides financial assistance to people seeking abortion care in the Pacific Northwest. NWAF believes that everyone should have access to reproductive healthcare, regardless of their income, insurance status, or geographic location. They provide financial support to cover the cost of abortion care, as well as transportation, lodging, and other related expenses.

Marmoset’s investment in NWAF will help ensure that people seeking abortion care have the financial resources to access the care they need. The donation will contribute to funding NWAF’s grants, which provide direct financial support to individuals seeking abortion care. It will also help NWAF to continue their work in advocating for reproductive justice and expanding access to reproductive healthcare.

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