Mixtape Mondays // Sunny Day Folk-Pop


We invite you to take a hike in the brighter side of folk.  

Not all folk needs to be sad and bearded.  We’ve made a mixtape with 10 songs that showcase the more optimistic end of folk-pop, complete with handclaps, percussion, and gang vocals. Each whimsical song presents moments of exploration, perfect for any lulling and adventurous moment in your next project.  Download the mixtape and share the love.

Check out some of the songs…

Dig the whistling in “Our Adventure” by The Long Valley. Much akin to the title, this composition moves like a journey filled with hope and optimism.

Stomp and clap along to Sean Flinn & The Royal We‘s “Sophia“.  This composition brings sentimental snapshots of young love. Reminiscent of The Lumineers.

High and Wide” coasts along with it’s own carefree brand of Americana.  Northeast Northwest revel in this empowering piece with dual vocals, ooh’s and aah’s, and uplifting harmonies.

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