Find Background Music for Your Next Film


A community of artists, Marmoset works closely with music composers and filmmakers alike — and with our in-house team creating original music for film and video projects every day, our catalog for music is curated with such projects in mind.

This mindfulness invested into our roster signifies a couple perks — especially if you’re a filmmaker whose budget is already stretched thin and the idea of hiring a music composer for your ilm sends you into an emotional spiral. Instead of creating original music completely from scratch, finding music that’s fitting and suitable for a film can be found and licensed directly from the Marmoset music catalog. Don’t sweat the turnover time and searching for someone who grasps your vision, your dream score is just a few clicks away.

Looking for instrumental or orchestral music to heighten a scene in your movie? No problem, we have that on the ready! Take Luke Van Denend, a Los Angeles music composer whose wide range of work can be synced to picture at a moment’s notice. Denend’s more recent work can be heard on a PBS four part documentary film series Reconstruction: American After the Civil War (airing today on April 9th learn more here).

Denend is one example of a talented music composer making waves in film and TV score world, who brings industry perspective and insights to their work, that in turn can be licensed on your creative project. It’s a reminder of the hardworking real-life composers and artists creating music that’s soundtrack and film score-worthy music.

And if your film requires a score that’s less traditional with less classic orchestral elements, there’s plenty of modern instrumental pieces; check out our hand-picked electro ambient compilation in this Electro Cinematic mixtape — Electro Cinematic + Atmospheric Vibrations.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We know our artist roster like the back of our hand, get in touch and we’ll help you find your dream score in minutes.

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