Pure Bathing Culture Teams up with Marmoset for a Mini Concert Session


Pure Bathing Culture releases their highly anticipated acoustic EP Equinox today. Inspired by their duo centered collaboration while touring with Lucius this year, the album revisits their most recent album Night Pass imagined in acoustic form.

The EP invites listeners into a warmer, intimate setting, each acoustic rendition suitable for a Sunday morning listening ritual — record player on, coffee in hand while curled up beneath a blanket, nowhere to be except in the present.

In celebrating the release of Equinox , Marmoset teamed up with Sarah Versprille and Daniel Hindman of Pure Bathing Culture to film a special mini concert at Marmoset HQ. Click play below to hear a stripped dow performance of “Pendulum” and then tune into a goosebump inducing cover of “Sacrifice” by Elton John.

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