Hear the Story Behind the Zizek Club Music Revolution

Ritmos Bastardos (Bastard Beats) takes viewers through a dance-floor revolution that began in 2000. Led by Zizek Club—resulting in the founding of ZZK Records—the movement emerged amidst Argentina’s tumultuous political landscape. While problematic, it was a backdrop that challenged artists to push past the turmoil around them, to create a liberating space for their communities.

The behind-the-curtain documentary surveys a modern musical evolution, showcasing just how those behind Zizek Club and ZZK Records spearheaded a new kind of creative expression through dance and performance. The film is a celebration of the movement’s origins, offering a look into the stories of the now-famous artists who contributed to the journey.

Proud collaborators and fans of ZZK Records, Marmoset invites you to dig in to learn more about the history of the moment and artists behind the record label — the film is a ZZK Films production.


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