Music Mixtapes for Your Next Movie


Creating or finding music for your next film is something every filmmaker can attest to within their filmmaking career. And for some filmmakers, music enters the equation as early as setting up a scene — before the film is even complete.

In an interview with Criterion Collection and music composer, Jon Brion, Brion offers up his approach toward creating rhythms for director Paul Thomas’ Anderson’s PUNCH-DRUNK-LOVE.

“He’d [Anderson] put on music when he’d set up a shot because even if the music wasn’t going to be there in the end it helped give a sense of rhythm, a sense of poetic pacing to the shot.”

Brion and Anderson’s collaboration is a testimony of using music that integrates to how a scene unfolds — using musical tempo to compliment how a character’s actions are captured or depicted through camera movement.

Inspired by Brion and other memorable movie soundtracks, our A&R Team curated a mixtape inspired by similar musical compositions and scores. From the bright and bouncy instrumental masterpieces of Lullatone — to imaginative orchestral rhythms of Pretty Pizzi — these songs are pensively sweet, rooted in lightness and whimsical tones.

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