Music + Picture // How “From Bean to Brew” shares our intense love of coffee

There are three things that you should know about us – We love music. We love Oregon. We love coffee. And if there’s a chance to combine any of these things, whether scoring projects like A Film About Coffee or sharing great films like this one from Division41, we couldn’t be any happier.

As coffee and foodie culture has become more widespread, so has the need to know where our food and drink come from. Director, Francois Vaxelaire presents a beautiful journey that starts in the tropical highlands of Peru, showing step by step how the harvesting process leads to your morning cappuccino in New York.

This film is filled with sweeping landscapes, there is a lulling and an organic soundtrack that flows along with the scenic imagery. There is a nice harmony between the lush nature shots and the acoustic, folk-driven composition “And What Remains” by Josh Garrels.

As the film progresses, the score makes a great transition into the electro-pop realm of “Golden Hills” by Fremont. As the beans depart to the urban setting of Washington, DC, the music travels and adapts to the vibe of the scene.

Enjoy the short film below while we run and get our fifth cup of the day.


Music + Picture // A Film About Coffee

Mixtape Mondays // Sunny Day Folk-Pop

Music + Picture // Ratio Coffee

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