Together Sounds Better

Marmoset is a living and breathing community, always evolving and growing. Over the years we’ve realized this thing is a lot less about us and a lot more about our community. It’s about the people behind the music and the work — the artists, creatives and all the magic that happens when people come together and collaborate.

So here’s to a new beginning in 2020! You’ll see it in a new look and feel at Marmoset, you’ll hear it in the way we talk about and approach our work, and you’ll feel it in our continued commitment to our purpose: “Be Community.”

The truth is, not a whole lot has changed under the hood: we’re still giving away 10% of profits as an ongoing commitment to maintain our B Corp Certification. We still work continuously to improve our search platform’s speed and functionality. And of course, we are still focused on high quality, exceptional music for licensing.

We’re dreaming big in 2020 and we hope you are too.

Marmoset. Together Sounds Better

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Curious to know what else hasn’t changed?

  • Our roster beams with diverse artists, bands and record labels available for music licensing.

  • We’re still home to an award-winning music production team.

  • Artists and clients always come first.

  • We’re still based in sunny Portland, Oregon.

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