Vincent Laforet’s “Directing Motion” Tour


Vincent Laforet, Pulitzer Prize-winner and DGA Director (and general badass), is hitting the road on his national “Directing Motion Tour.” Over the course of 10 weeks, he’s visiting 30 major cities dropping some serious knowledge on the role of purposeful camera motion. We couldn’t be happier to be a part of this experience.  Check out the dates HERE.

For weeks Laforet studied 100 of the best films, analyzing extensively, the motion magic created by directors such Hitchcock, Spielberg, Scorsese, Welles, and many others. After 300 hours of research, with over 400 examples to share, Laforet designed a six theme daytime workshop and an evening seminar catering to filmmakers of all levels.

Laforet stresses that this will not be a daytime workshop limited to his explanations of motion theory but that participating students will be able to put what they are learning into practice with some of the most advanced cinema technology. The techniques taught by Laforet can be applied with minimal equipment to any film project such as interview setups, promo shoots, live-event coverage, short films, and documentaries. Laforet will also be discussing the principles behind his latest commercial for Nike.

 “I can also tell you from experience, that once you attend this workshop, you will go from being a passive viewer to an active viewer and that you’ll never be able to see things the same way again,” says Laforet.

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