Witness An Incredible Journey To "The Important Places"

“The joy is in the journey” — This sentiment couldn’t ring any truer in our recent collaboration with friends at Gnarly Bay, Story & Heart and Forest Woodward. This new short film “The Important Places” bottles a story of family, aging, travel and everything that happens in between. In support of saving special places like the Grand Canyon, we helped tell this story.

Everything starts with a poem written 28 years ago. Inspired by these words on paper, a son is inspired to tell the story of his father and his love for the Colorado River. As they venture back to this “important place,” years later, they learn more about each other, and themselves in the process.

The film starts with an intimate and nostalgic feel with “Blind and Unwise” by Gregory and the Hawk, then starts to open up with the beautiful melodies of “Honey Jars” by Bryan John Appleby who narrates the imagery perfectly. As the story takes a pensive turn, “Snowy Crescendo” by Bell Plaines matches the mood. As the entire piece culminates into a euphoric and empowering state, the epic and cinematic “Awareness” by Lee Brooks shines with harmonious strings.

It was an honor to collaborate with such amazing company in this impassioned piece about returning to the places we love and discovering something new every step of the way.

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