Music + People Matter // Why We Do What We Do

Just recently, our co-director Ryan Wines was tapped on the shoulder by the folks at TEDxConcordiaUPortland to take a turn at dropping some knowledge on May 3rd (Check out the announcement HERE). Moving forward with this incredible opportunity, it helps us step back and reflect on what we’re doing and why we do it.

Music and art matter, and so do the people that create and work to support it.

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It’s a fact that we spend more of our waking hours at work than we do at home with loved ones. With that said, we feel our time spent needs to be spent for something pretty damn important. Moreover, our lense requires meaning, purpose and a passion that is much bigger than we are. And so, it is with great pride that we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in an evolving story of a thriving and sustainable industry and community, as we know it.

Not only are we wanting to help musicians make a career from their art, we also want to shift how we work on a day to day level. In our short time in existence as an organization, our small and incredible team have been working tirelessly in elevating our independent musical landscape; It’s only fair that we work as hard as the artists we work with.

We’re driven and motivated by the spirit of collaboration. Whether by seeing music transform film, or witnessing artists helping other artists, we continue on with our work, learning and advocating for independent music, filmmaking and each other. We feel like we’re participating in something more expansive; not just a movement of industry, but a movement of communication, community and culture.

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