4 Ways Artists Can Get Their Music Out There (While Staying Inside)


We’re in a moment where stories of struggle are everywhere you turn. It’s rough and it’s heart-wrenching to witness, especially when it’s happening to someone you know — for us, it’s an entire community of artists facing a total collapse of the music industry.

With concerts and live performances canceled across the hemispheres, sharing one’s music and earning a livelihood has proven an even greater obstacle than it was even before the pandemic. For just Australia and New Zealand alone, there’s a reported number of $200 million in losses from canceled events (and the number is still growing).

No matter what side of the tracks you’re on — whether you license music for projects or you make music for licensing — there’s a big challenge before us. And while we all know deep down that we’ll get through this, we can’t help but wonder: what about until then?

Here are four tips & resources artists can check out get their music out there — without ever leaving their homes.

Take Your Gigs Online

“Fans have paid artists $469 million using Bandcamp, and $9.7 million in the last 30 days alone.”

— Bandcamp

This one might seem like a pretty basic one, especially for all you seasoned Bandcamp aficionados. But in the chance you haven’t already looked into this option, it’s a good way to create a destination point for sharing your music across the web. It also provides listeners a direct channel to appreciate your work in the financial sense. If you haven’t already set up a Bandcamp account for your upcoming or newly released music, get started here.

If you have the equipment and space to do a makeshift home concert, go ahead and also stream it to Twitch. The notorious gameplay platform isn’t just for video gamers anymore, a lot of artists are utilizing the service to broadcast live stream sessions of their music performances. The fact you’re reaching audiences on a global level helps — and so does the ability to collect income.

First Tube Media

Connecting brands with emerging artists, First Tube Media does everything from creating original content for brands to connecting artists with the right resources so their music is heard. While a small company, one of their main focus is to be a live streaming platform. Check them out — it doesn’t hurt to see if there are opportunities to collaborate!

Music Audience Exchange

Brand partnership is the name of the game for Music Audience Exchange. In short, they help deliver brand messages through the voice of artists directly to fans — across audio, video, social, digital, and live experiences. Their team is always looking for musicians to partner with, send them a hello.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Inspired by dance-off challenges widely popular across platforms like TikTok, Youtube and Instagram, DanceOn infuses brand story through music & dance. Co-founded by Madonna in 2011, the company produces a large amount of original content that’s distributed across the web (their network entails 4B+ views, 30M+ subscribers and 50M+ fans across platforms). Who knows, they might just use your next dance single!

For non-artists who want to stay connected with all the talented artists in the world, you can stay updated on all upcoming virtual concerts here. Have other ideas and ways we can support the artist community? Share them with us at community@marmosetmusic.com.

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