What if Jaws didn’t have a soundtrack?


Chances are you’ve heard the theme song to JAWS at one or many, many points in your life. Those two familiar notes building in intensity while getting faster now forever burned in your brain.  This score from John Williams presents a quintessential example of how music can be integral in setting a tone for a movie.  The classic soundtrack has helped make this film timeless, thus leaving a lasting impression in cinema history.

Music can be a character in film, heightening the experience of any given scene.

Much like other examples, a film score is a dance between music and film, both complimenting the other to create a bigger and compelling story. So for the sake of conversation…

What if JAWS didn’t have a soundtrack?   Would the movie have the same lasting impact without the score?

Here is an example of scene with AND without the soundtrack.  The differences are quite staggering. What do you think?

Want another example?  Check out this classic scene from Psycho with and without the terrifying soundtrack.

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