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Here’s what Pitchfork had to say about two of our favorite featured albums available for licensing:

Pure Bathing Culture – Night Pass

Pitchfork Rating: 7.3

“Where previous releases dabbled in heady synths or ’60s pop jangle, layering Sarah Versprille’s vocals in folds of reverb, Night Pass’ production is fine-tipped and meticulous. Its snares seem to land a little heavier; its grooves exude a bit more urgency. Underpinning the languid ’80s guitar lines are lyrics that hint at desperation: “Dark nights and blackest dreams, when nothing’s ever as it seems, and you are all alone,” Versprille sings on standout track “All Night.” Pure Bathing Culture juxtapose the highs with the lows, packaging distress as euphoria. The album does its most interesting work on songs like “Moonrise” and “Thin Growing Thing,” where Versprille wails, “Do you want to take it higher?,” as if in homage to Steve Winwood’s 1986 hit “Higher Love.” At its best, Night Pass flaunts the sounds that might have embarrassed you in your dad’s station wagon: the noodly electrified riffs of Fleetwood Mac’s Tango in the Night or the earnest soulfulness of Peter Gabriel’s So.” – review by Linnie Greene

Y La Bamba – Entre Los Dos EP

Pitchfork Rating: 7.7

“[Luz’s] acrobatic voice fills each track, often evoking Angel Olsen when it trembles. The pared-down piano ballad “Octavio,” the only song sung in English, emerges in the middle without warning. More frequently, though, it transforms into something closer to a yell, as on the title track and on “Rios Sueltos” and “Las Platicas.” The record rumbles along at nearly the same pace and tone as Mendoza’s contemporary Molly Burch, but it never loses sight of where it’s headed.”review by Colin Lodewick

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