‘Demystified’ Answers All Your Questions About Selling Your Film

Whether you’ve just finished your first feature film or you’re thinking about it, the process of bringing a film to life from concept to premiere can be a murky one. What genres are most marketable? Do you need a sales agent? How do you go about securing distribution? Enter Demystified, a podcast and video series presented by MovieMaker and produced by StudioFest, answering all the questions no one else will about what it takes to make and sell your film. The series follows StudioFest founders Jess Jacklin and Charles Beale as well as filmmaker Jake Bowen on their journey to find a distributor for Souvenirs, StudioFest’s first feature film.

Check out the first four episodes:

Marmoset artists heard on Demystified:
Rich Hunter / Garvanza / Cloudchord / Lazer Lights / BLACKVVANA / Surf / Altadore / CURIO / Danii Roundtree / Don Juneau / Dr. Crosby

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