Behind Marmoset Studio: Winix America

As you may know, Marmoset works with a tight-knit group of composers, artists and music producers to craft, record and produce any musical idea you can possibly imagine via Marmoset Studio.

Recently, Marmoset Studio received the opportunity to work on a project to re-record a classic ’60s Disney Song, Let’s Get Together from The Parent Trap, originally sung by Hayley Mills. Watch the new Winix America project below to see how the team at Marmoset Studio added their own touches to the song, featuring Tamar Korn from the band The Brain Cloud on vocals and even a cardboard box as a drum (keep reading for more on that).

Creating a Custom Re-record

Marmoset Studio composer, Greg Jong, and producer, David Katz (a.k.a Altadore & Baleen), received a brief from 50000feet to remake the tune while maintaining the ’60s vibe and also have it fit in Winix America’s new advertisement. To get the creative gears turning, Greg listened to the original song for reference, but also things from the era, like the original Herbie soundtrack.

Once a good structure was set up, it was time to learn all of the parts from the original — guitar, bass, piano and drums. Unexpectedly, a cardboard box was actually perfect for the kick drum, and David’s old Slingerland snare drum added a nice authentic touch. To get an authentic feel, the main trick in recording was to use a lot of tape emulation and quite a narrow EQ range. For Greg learning the piano part was especially enjoyable as it had a lot of cool movement with 7th chords.

When Greg & David first listened to the original, they immediately knew they had to get Marmoset artist Tamar Korn from the band The Brain Cloud on the track. After the backing track was completed, she very quickly sent back two takes of vocals that were just perfect with the vibe. Greg describes that “it was great to have such instantly brilliant tracks from one of Marmoset’s artists.”

To learn more about how Marmoset Studio can help you tell your story through the perfect custom song or check out more recent work, click here.

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