New Music Mixtape: Expansive Wins

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Equal parts haunting and uplifting, “Expansive Wins” is a compilation of synth, engaging bass, and impactful chorus appearances. It’s an offering of electric pop to ambient landscapes — it’s a curated list of scores that would compliment any protagonist’s catalyst moment. 

Are you envisioning a synth buildup for your 80’s influenced film? Turn to “It’s Okay Now” by Dropa, its poppy electronica feels like riding in an elevator overlooking a neon lit-up city (Blade Runner-esque). 

For a slower pace scattered with rich textures, we look to “Unsettled Beings” by Icelandic artist, Mikael Lind. The song swells, a melodic rise, a beautiful introspective piece that would compliment a dramatic or contemplative moment in your cinematic project. 

For more inspiration, follow the link below to our latest, curated mixtape: 

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