Featured Artist // Great Wilderness

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The music of Great Wilderness is as expansive as their name suggests. There’s a lot to explore.

This Portland/Olympia ensemble weaves ornate and powerful orchestral-folk ballads.  With a background of rich vocal harmonies alongside ethereal strings and piano, their compositions will cast you off into a calming dream state.

Here are two songs to float off with…

The intimate song “There’s a Certain Slant of Light,” showcases a low and steady acoustic guitar that sways like a lullaby. The female fronted vocals bring in a reflective and empowered presence that holds your hand the rest of the way. This song remains sparse yet impactful, filled with powerful and unique harmonies. This is a human tale of love and vivid imagery.

Miles of Trees” takes on a more adventurous tone with percussion, violin and shimmering electric guitar. The song starts right off on a journey with a positive attitude with imaginative harmonies as your tour guide. The song ascends into a beautiful crescendo at 4:22, shining brightly with strings and big drums into a beautiful symphony of sound.

Want to hear more? Check out their Artist Profile.  In the meantime, dig the instrumental version of “Miles of Trees” in this spot for Schott NYC

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