How Long Should A YouTube Intro Be?

Written by Hadiyah Woods

We’ve all been there – you finally find a video you want to watch, only for the YouTuber to spend ages on a long and rambling intro. You try skipping ahead to find when the good part starts, but you overshoot and need to scrub through to find the right moment.

As a YouTube creator, you want to make sure you’re getting necessary information across in your intro, but not for so long that viewers get bored and leave. So how long should a good intro really be? Read on to find out!

NOTE: When people think of the term, “YouTube intro”, they often think of the short title sequence clip that appears at the beginning of every video on your YouTube channel and includes things like your logo or other elements of brand identity. This section is actually called the “bumper.” A YouTube intro is the beginning of your video, where you might share details on your video’s topic, and comes after the bumper. In this article, we’ll break down the differences between the bumper and intro, and how long each should be. 

How long should a YouTube intro be?

When creating a YouTube intro, you should be aiming for less than 8 seconds in length. This can be extended to 15 seconds or shortened to 5 seconds depending on the type of content you create. The purpose of the intro is to preview what the topic of your video will be. A long introduction isn’t necessary, especially if your video title is accurate.

The bumper to your YouTube video should be no longer than 2-3 seconds. This is the same title and animation sequence that will be at the forefront of all your videos on your YouTube channel . The purpose of your bumper is to create a consistent brand for yourself. A long bumper is unnecessary because it’s only meant to elicit a brief moment of recognition, or quickly introduces people who are new to your channel.

Why does the length of a YouTube intro matter?

The intro of your video is arguably the most important part. This is what helps viewers decide if they want to continue watching or click on another video. 

The length at which you choose to introduce your video plays the biggest role in getting viewers to stay. Viewers tend to have extremely short attention spans so you want to engage them quickly. One mistake YouTubers often make is embarking on long-winded intros at the beginning of the video before getting to the point.

There are a few exceptions. If you’re a lifestyle creator or vlogger, it may be okay to have a longer intro because people are watching to know about your life, and may be expecting a longer intro as a preface to a story. This doesn’t work with most content though, and introducing the topic of your video quickly is usually crucial for keeping viewers engaged.

Another factor is viewer retention. For most videos, views begin to drop off halfway through the video -it’s actually common to lose 50-60% of viewers at this middle point. That’s why it’s important to have a quick introduction – you don’t want to take up this crucial 50% by only introducing your topic. Give your viewers a chance to keep watching!

The length of your bumper is important because if it’s too long people may lose interest, especially if they’ve seen it before, and it also eats into that crucial first 50% part of your video. Remember- a bumper is only meant to be branding for you and your channel. It’s a great marketing tool, but doesn’t need to take up too much time and space.

Is 30 seconds too long for a YouTube intro?

30 seconds is likely too long for a YouTube intro. 

This is especially true if you’re receiving new viewers who aren’t familiar with your channel yet. A newcomer’s attention span for your intro will likely be shorter than your subscribers. After an intro goes on for too long it’s pretty common for people to fast forward or skip your video altogether.

A 30 second bumper would also likely lose the attention of your viewers. It’s like a title sequence for a television show, except this is a much shorter format, and therefore needs a much shorter intro.

Why You Should Avoid Long Video Intros

You want to keep people engaged with your content from the very beginning. An overly long introduction will make people want to click away to a different video that covers the same topic. 

People who use YouTube tend to want their information quickly and efficiently. An excessively long introduction will lose audience retention . You can engage your audience in any topic you want as you move through the video, but the introduction should be reserved only for introducing what will be covered in the video. 

What makes a great YouTube video intro?

A great intro will concisely express the topic of the video and share key valuable information quickly. It will grasp the attention of viewers and make them want to continue watching. Your energy during this short intro has the potential to captivate viewers, so try to make your intro fun and engaging. 

A great bumper will include clean animations or footage that clearly state the name of the channel and your other social media tags. A great song will also help grasp the attention of viewers at the very beginning. This can include a custom song made just for your channel, or one you pick from a catalog that fits the vibe of your content.

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