Introducing Marmo Sets

Poster of Marmoset Sets online Showcase

Music is a medium that brings people together. Since much of the globe’s stay at home policies are prohibiting this from happening physically, Marmoset knows that now more than ever we need music to brighten life and bring joy into our homes. To take our mind off things, to help us focus, or to blast through our 32947592th digital work out.

Marmoset’s purpose is to “Be Community” and it’s imperative that we live by that mantra. So, we are proud to announce Marmo Sets: An Online Showcase Connecting Homes Through Music. Starting Thursday, April, 23rd we will share original at-home performances by Marmoset Artists premiering throughout the day. Our line-up spans the planet, bringing together every corner of our community with what we know best — music.

With widespread cancellations of tours, festivals and other live shows, we know musicians are hurting. That’s why each artist who performs will have a virtual tip jar and links to purchase their music and merch. So, if you’re feelin’ it and have the means, we’d love for you to support.

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