Join the Storytelling Parade // Story & Heart launches today

Stories are best told among friends and community. 

Today is a big day. Our friends at Story & Heart are launching their exciting platform today. Working with film similar to how we work with music, they’re taking the concept of stock footage and turning it on it’s head (essentially presenting film that doesn’t suck). They present Authentic Footage.

Contrary to the idea of simply buying a “product,” this platform isn’t just a resource for film footage, it’s more than that. This is a resource for community – A safe place to speak and share. The S&H camp has fostered a community of filmmakers and storytellers to present their work and help others to tell their own stories. Take for example their Tell Amazing Stories project, where they invited more than 30 filmmakers to collaborate together on film. Check out one of the videos below…

It’s an understatement to say that Story & Heart has been busy. Now moving forward, sparked by their launch, they’re introducing the Storytelling Parade and are inviting you to join and tell your story.

Over the next 7 weeks, they’re hosting a “contest with heart.” Serving as a call to action, they’re looking for films about people and organizations making a positive change in the world. Prizes include part of $100,000+ in filmmaking awards.

Find out more by watching the video below. Visit their blog, register and join the Storytelling Parade – make your story known.

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