Featured Artist // Lullatone


Lullatone‘s uplifting lullabies prove that you don’t have to be asleep to dream. All ages welcome.

Hailing from Nagoya, Japan, this husband and wife duo use unlikely instruments (including household items) to create their delightful compositions. As the name suggests, they craft lullabies combining electronic sounds and children’s instruments, providing a bedding (pun intended) of lush, poppy textures. 

Here’s an example…

Their beautiful composition “Climbing a Mountain in the Snow” travels and moves like a journey. Using bright and calm textures such as glockenspiel, toy piano and string plucks, this hopeful piece marches with a steady, anthemic beat. This is a joyful song that tells a whimsical story, taking flight, taking in all the sights and details below.

Check out more at their Marmoset Artist Profile.



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