Lonesome road, no more

Philippe Bronchtein (Hip Hatchet) and Sean Spellman (Quiet Life) currently touring together in Alaska.

Philippe Bronchtein (Hip Hatchet) and Sean Spellman (Quiet Life) currently touring together in Alaska.

We love the bands that we work with and the music they record, yet there’s something extremely special in a live performance that completes the sonic experience they’re creating: it’s live, moving and breathing.  Whether singing along to your favorite lyrics, or chatting with the band after their show, you become a part of an experience which speaks volumes. Another special element is the support you’re giving to the bands that you enjoy; by coming out, you’re helping bands make a living and make it possible for them to come back in the future.

With summer now cooling to fall weather, a handful of bands from our
roster are cramming into their vans and getting on the Interstate. These
bands are heading out on the road for different lengths, ranging
from 5 days to 9 months, and to many different places, from stretches in
California to our overseas neighbors in Europe.  There are a lot of working musicians on the road, some of them are touring without a lot of promotion, so we highly
encourage you to check them out when they come rolling through your

Here are just a few of them…


Hip Hatchet


Many of Philippe Bronchtein’s country ballads are inspired from the rambling road and the characters he meets, so it’s only fitting that he’s on the road a lot.  With guitar in hand and a rich voice to sing along with it, he’s going to be out for 9 months touring the states twice, heading out to England and Ireland, as well as touring with Quiet Life and The Head & The Heart for a month. Check out his dates HERE.


Quiet Life


The road is no stranger to these gents, being that they’ve been touring for the better part of 10 years.  Their shows are filled with tales of triumph and woe to cry in your beer to.  All of their stories paint their own classic brand of an American landscape.  Currently in Alaska (with Hip Hatchet), they will be continuing out east and back again opening for The Head & The Heart and Thao & The Get Down Stay Down.  Check out their dates HERE

Kye Kye


The music of Kye Kye is beautiful, haunting and immersive.  Their albums have turned the heads of many listeners, and it’s no surprise that they were tapped on the shoulder to open for Jars of Clay, whom they are currently sharing the road with.  Be sure to catch them as their live performances are rare and equally as enriching as their recordings.  Check out their dates HERE.


Parson Red Heads


We had a ton of fun hosting and working with these fine folks on our recently released Side By Side project.  Their live performances are a sight to be behold in their vintage and rock-filled majesty.  They’re heading south of here down California with Mimicking Birds in support of their upcoming album Orb Weaver. Check out their dates HERE

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