Side By Side // A reflection, one frame at a time


Our friends at Stillmotion just released a short documentary about our Side By Side collaboration project.  From start to finish, this film documents the “experiment” we conducted: seeing what happens when you cram a group of talented musicians together into one room over the course of a few days.

In March 2013, we invited a diverse
group of artists from our roster to take part in a spontaneous
collaboration, challenging each band to cover the song of another. 12
bands, 4 days, and only 1 studio
.  A collection of songs came out the other side of this hazy and intense weekend bringing to light an amazing wide-ranging and cohesive compilation of compositions.

This striking film not only showcases our local and creative community,
but a moment in time in the spirit of collaboration.  Music and any
other form of art can resonate as a deeply personal experience, when
that experience is shared with a myriad of personalities and
perspectives, the result is something beautiful, vibrant and resounding.

How have you experienced collaboration?  Share your story with us.

Mixtapes for all

Check out our Side By Side Mixtape at where all of the songs are available for licensing. You can also hear the original and covered versions here as well.

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