When the rain couldn’t keep us down: Reflections of our Hott Summer Nights MFNW Party

The rain came down and the music never stopped.  12 bands, music lovers, and friends alike braved the weather to make our Hott Summer Nights MusicFest NW Party more than just a party; it was a celebration of our creative community.

In looking back, our Co-Founder and Producer Ryan Wines reflects on what actually happened two weeks ago.

A montage of moments sweep across the screen showcasing a happening of awesome music, pork belly sandwiches, whiskey, and dialogue.

With so many people together in one place, music served as a catalyst and conduit for creative discussion and exchange of ideas… also free booze, don’t forget the booze.  

Dig this video and see if you can find yourself dancing in the downpour.

A huge thanks to all of the bands that killed it on stage, and to Stillmotion, Adam Souza, and Robbie Augspurger for capturing the moment so well. 

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