Marmoset Reel Rolling Out Next Week!

Marmoset’s 2018 Reel, “Origins”, is Live next week! We’re amped to share this one with everyone. Here’s why:

As Marmoset is just as much of a music creative agency as it is a meticulously curated online roster, we realized our projects deserve a spotlight. “Origins” gave us a chance to do just that.

The name “Origins” came about as our way of paying homage to the pulse of the company, to trace back the music to the people who make it all happen: our artists. They’re what keep us moving, their work what inspires us — whether this be our roster of artists or our own musicians. We’re infatuated with their stories, their backgrounds, struggles, and how they dream big. This was our way of saying, “we really like your music, thanks for letting us be one of your biggest fans.”

Our headquarters might be based in Portland, but we’re always on the go, at the ready for collaboration in any city. No place is foreign to us; we’ll be there to help when that interesting project calls, rain or shine.

After peeking at the project, you may notice “Origins” is filmed throughout different cities. Shout out to Seattle, Tulsa, Chicago (and yeah, Portland)! We picked these places for a reason — these are music-infused cities that were once the home to many of our featured musicians. “For this reel we wanted to focus on our artists: the reason Marmoset exists. This is what took us abroad,” says Marmoset’s Visual Content Director, Josh Brine. “We went to them and filmed them in their world, their practice spaces, their studios, the places they call home.”

Check back next week when we release our 2018 Reel. You may even spot some familiar faces… until then, we’ve included our three teaser trailers below!

Marmoset: Origins – Teaser #4

Marmoset: Origins – Teaser #3

Marmoset: Origins – Teaser #2

Marmoset: Origins – Teaser #1

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