“Origins” 2018 Reel by Marmoset Now Live!

We couldn’t wait any longer —we’re happy to announce “Origins”, Marmoset’s 2018 Reel is now Live!

Where to even begin with which piece we find most spectacular… that might be a bit challenging. But if we were to give a business presentation on what to expect from the film, we’d start with a pie chart similar to this:



Not only a visual recap of 2017, “Origins”, the four month long production, represents some of the most notable and memorable projects Marmoset played a creative hand in — the title came about as a significant tribute to our music community. “This film is about where we come from,” Josh Brine, Marmoset’s Visual Content Director explains. “Many of us [Marmoset employees] are also musicians and artists, therefore understand our foundation.” 

The reel reveals some of the the creative super powers behind our team and of course, our artists. But most importantly, the films encapsulates the journey in which music can take any project. While we look onward with the new projects unfolding in this new year, this reel is our milestone for us as a creative music agency, our community, and family. 

Fun facts: 

  • For one of the scenes, we filmed at the Pittock Mansion in Portland, OR — can you spot which scene?

  • Around 26 people from Marmoset’s family had a hand in making the film.

  • A part of the production was filmed at Soundscape Studios in Chicago, IL — some of their clientele in the past includes Chance the Rapper, 2 Chainz, M.I.A, Vince Staples, and Vic Mensa. 

  • Penske accidentally gave the crew a flatbed truck twice the size of what was ordered. It was too late to secure another smaller truck, so production ran with it!  It actually turned out funnier because of how ridiculously huge it is.

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