Marmoset Presents a Mini Concert With Theory Hazit

Marmoset presents miniature music concerts — a series where we invite talented, touring and local bands, musicians and artists into our space to capture a stripped down performance of their music.

Theory Hazit (Theo Washington) steps into Marmoset HQ for the latest mini concert — composed and carefree, Theory Hazit brings profound chill vibes into the space. Apart from his smooth rap delivery, his onesie leaves an equally long-lasting impression.

Check out his performance of “I Just Wanna Go Home” at the top then read through a rapid-fire Q&A to get to know the artist. Discover a special cover treat at the bottom, as Theory Hazit takes on “New York New York” by Tha Dogg Pound.

Marmoset artist, Theory Hazit
Marmoset artist, Theory Hazit

Marmoset: What’s your earliest memory of knowing you wanted to pursue music?

Theory Hazit: My earliest memory of wanting to be a hip-hop artist is probably when I was watching Rap City and I saw LL Cool J and immediately thought I want to do that!

M: What inspires you to make music?

Theory Hazit: I know it sounds cliché but being yourself is key. Yesterday, I tweeted “I don’t care if you like my music or not. I do this because I like it.”

If I don’t feel what I create, how can I expect anyone else to feel — to be free is to be who you are. That’s pretty much my message. People are inspired to grow when they are comfortable in their own skin.

M: In the Miniature Concert session you rocked a really fantastic onesie. What does your creative process look like leading up to a live performance?

Theory Hazit: I got this urge to do something fun and hopefully make somebody laugh. Maybe someone is having a bad day and they come across a video of black man in a onesie rapping and turn the mood completely around.

It’s all about bringing the fun back into it. Each performance has an appearance with a statement, for sure. Every decision and move I make is intentional. I hope that everyone who sees my live show is entertained and encouraged to dig deeper into my art, relax and remember to have a great time living life.

M: What would be your dream collaboration?

Theory Hazit: Honestly, I believe that my dream collaboration has already happened with Redman. Ever since the Vogue Magazine placement, I think about doing music with Lana Del Rey. If this were to ever go down, I would definitely have her sing over boombap but also we would experiment with modern left-field, rare grooves and loops. Maybe throw Aesop Rock and Your Old Droog in the mix.

M: Are you working on any new projects we should be on the lookout for?

Theory Hazit: Yes! Right now I am working on an album called DIM. All of the production will be by me. I may or may not have special guest on this project. And you will see more of me in a onesie! Follow me on Pinterest! Actually, don’t do that.

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