Podcast Spotlight: Tune Into “The Catch and Kill Podcast”

Ronan Farrrow’s investigative podcast “The Catch and Kill” follows the Harvey Weinstein allegations. The podcast credits Marmoset for music used in the podcast.
The Catch And Kill podcast created by Ronan Farrow

In this #MeToo era,“The Catch and Kill Podcast with Ronan Farrow” follows the highest-profile sexual criminal case everyone’s talking about — and uncovering the broader corruption of Hollywood’s behind the scenes.

Partnering with podcast producers at Pineapple Street Studios, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Ronan Farrow launches a new podcast based on his bestselling book, Catch and Kill. The first episode airing at the tail end of 2019, the short run series overlaps with Harvey Weinstein trial proceedings unfolding presently.

Including ‘never heard before’ audio recordings of varying personal accounts involving Weinstein, the podcast is a platform for bringing survivors’ stories into the limelight. The series is equally astutely investigative as it is a community for the brave whistleblowers to share their distressing stories in their own words.

Marmoset is the music collaborator of “The Catch and Kill Podcast with Ronan Farrow” — hear these Marmoset artists and their music throughout the series. Then head over to your preferred podcast streaming service to begin listening to the series.

Gypsy Heritage” by Don Julin // Dark Star by Hustle and Drone // Arp 2 by Grapefruit // Backwards by Hustle and Drone // Raw as the Sun by Hustle and Drone // Dissolve by Hotel Pools // Quiet Now by Keen Collective // Fault Lines by Gatlin Elms

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