Marmoset Supports Choice

Friends, Colleagues and Community, 

Friday’s SCOTUS decision struck a heart-wrenching blow for human rights in our country and beyond. An out-of-touch, polarizing court of mostly old white men, are dragging our communities backwards in time, undoing nearly 50 years of progress. It’s truly hard to fathom.

In spite of recent events, Marmoset stands unequivocal in our support of equity at every level, including gender equity. Abortion, an individual’s right to choose and reproductive rights are not simply issues of politics or religion. These are issues of the highest magnitude for humanity — issues with wide-ranging impacts on gender and racial equity, economics, justice and freedom for all.

Marmoset is committed to building a better future — one where our nation’s broken and shameful past can be acknowledged, systemic inequities can be corrected, and where a bright future can be reconstructed, centered in equity.

Today more than ever, it’s critical for employers to recognize we are nothing without our staff.  As such, Marmoset takes a holistic approach in supporting the overall health and wellness of our people:

  • Marmoset covers 100% of healthcare premiums for all full-time employees, and our health plans include abortion care. Where restrictions may exist, we are committed to covering expenses for travel, lodging, meals and other related expenses. This support includes any partner or dependent covered under our medical plans.
  • We provide a “Flexible Paid Time Off” policy, empowering employees to “take what you need.” This means our staff are empowered to plan their time off collaboratively among their team and co-workers, leaning into equity, acknowledging each of us have unique backgrounds and different needs. Marmoset staff average 8 weeks of paid-time-off annually, per person.
  • We provide 3 months of fully paid parental leave, and paid sabbaticals at 4 years, 7 years, 10 years and beyond. Further, we offer a wide spectrum of holistic benefits — outlined in Marmoset’s Annual Transparency Report.

In response to many tragedies experienced across our communities in recent years, Marmoset is hereby doubling down by covering 100% of co-pays for mental health care. We’re also adding child-care coverage for parents on work trips, and we’re following the lead of Patagonia, by adding paid training and bail for those who choose to peacefully protest for civil justice, including reproductive justice.

To our staff: if there’s any point of failure along the way, whether by laws, politicians or healthcare providers — we’ve got your back. We are committed to supporting you and walking with you, no matter what curveballs (or systemic inequities) life may throw at you. 

– Ryan

Ryan Wines, Founder & CEO Marmoset // Track Club