Marmoset is now a TikTok Sound Partner!

We’re so excited to announce that Marmoset has joined the TikTok Marketing Program as an official Sound Partner!

Music and sound are essential to TikTok’s user experience, and have been used to create global trends and unlock a world of creativity. In the fast-changing world of music licensing, working with Sound Partners trusted by TikTok provides a worry-free experience for brands looking to harness TikTok’s unique sonic storytelling potential. 

Brands can use Marmoset’s high-quality music catalog to support a variety of marketing initiatives, from building brand identity to developing an always-on content strategy for TikTok that never settles on music quality. 

Marmoset-exclusive song “howya like me now?” by MUNNYCAT in Crest TikTok content.

What is a TikTok Sound Partner?

Marmoset joins a small group of certified Sound Partners who are experts in helping marketers build successful, sound-on campaigns that reach TikTok’s unique, audio-driven community. 

Brands on TikTok have access to flexible licensing options for Marmoset’s entire catalog of top-tier music. As a Subscription Sound Partner, brands can opt into scalable monthly or yearly licensing plans with Marmoset’s subscription service, Track Club. Brands can also work with Marmoset on custom or one-off licenses, depending on brands’ individual needs. Marmoset has the music that brands need to leverage the unique potential of TikTok’s sound-on environment.

Melissa Yang, TikTok’s Head of Ecosystems, said of the Sound Partners program, “Sound is the universal language of TikTok, and brands need to embrace music and sound in order to show up authentically on the platform. Our new Sound Partners have a proven track record of helping marketers develop strategies for TikTok, and offer scalable options for brands of all sizes. We’re excited to see more brands tap into sound on TikTok and make meaningful connections with the community through creative, sound-on strategies.”

Marmoset-exclusive song “Elevating Live” by The Brewz in State Farm TikTok content.

How will this impact brands on TikTok?

Brands use TikTok as an exciting way to reach and engage with new audiences they otherwise would not have been connected with. TikTok reports that the brands they see having the most success are those that embrace the creativity and authenticity of the community. A key way to achieve this is through carefully-selected sound.

TikTok’s sound-on capabilities offer brands new ways to tell stories. According to a study from MRC Data, “65% of TikTokers prefer content from brands that feature original sounds, and 68% remember a brand better when they feature songs that they like in their videos.”

Marmoset’s “Better is always better than more” approach to catalog curation means that our roster includes only the best of the best. That means that brands wont need to spend hours combing through sub-par music options only to settle on quality. With Marmoset, brands have access to the highest-quality music for their content.

As the only Certified B Corp in the music licensing space, Marmoset also brings a catalog that conscious brands can trust. Marmoset invests 10% of our profits (from our earnings, never the artists’) into community organizations, and is the only company to issue an annual Transparency Report, providing a clear line of sight through the entire organization.

Custom music by Marmoset for Clearly TikTok content.

How do brands access Marmoset’s catalog on TikTok?

Brands can reach out to Marmoset’s Client Services team at for rate options and to identify the perfect plan for their needs. For more information on what Marmoset is and what our values are, check out

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